Sustainability on focus

Sustainability on focus

Our philosophy. Our promise.

Sustainability on focus

Sustainability on focus

Our philosophy. Our promise.

Sustainability on focus

Sustainability on focus

Our philosophy. Our promise.

Sustainability in the sense of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is the central topic of our time. The FIXIT GRUPPE is facing up to this fundamental challenge and assuming its social responsibility. Together with the companies FIXIT, GREUTOL, HASIT, KREISEL and RÖFIX, we consistently align our strategies and our actions accordingly. In doing so, we are guided by the guidelines of the UN Global Compact of the United Nations with its 10 basic principles and act in accordance with the globally recognised ESG criteria.


Sustainability in the FIXIT GRUPPE


Sustainability on focus

Corporate Social Responsability

The FIXIT GRUPPE is actively committed to economically sensible and sustainable action.


ESG Criteria

Basis of our actions

The FIXIT GRUPPE uses the ESG criteria as a tool for managing and monitoring its activities in the area of sustainability.

Climate friendly

Our targets

The FIXIT GRUPPE already has a negative GHG balance* and is therefore climate-friendly. Concrete goals are being implemented to further improve and increase sustainability.

As Europe's leading developer and manufacturer of building materials, we are already making an effective contribution to CO2 savings with our innovative façade and insulation systems. We will continue to expand this potential in the future and create individual solutions for changing demand. Company-wide digitalisation and the use of new technologies are helping us to do this.
Hanswilli Jenke, CEO FIXIT GRUPPE


External environmental influences

The FIXIT GRUPPE aligns its sustainability strategy in such a way that external influences from climate change and sustainability are addressed as constructively as possible.

Our mission

Insulation is the future!

FIXIT GRUPPE products have a high social value in the area of sustainability. Here, insulation is the key to reducing greenhouse gases in the life cycle of buildings.

> 90%
greenhouse gas optimised packaging materials

> 30%
of R&D investment on particularly sustainable products

Practice report

Sustainable projects in Europe

Whether mobile working, e-mobility or photovoltaics - the companies of the FIXIT GRUPPE have already launched numerous projects to achieve and optimise sustainability goals.

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Certifications & Memberships

Ecological and healthy


Building products

The natureplus quality label has so far been awarded to over 600 building products in Europe and enjoys Europe-wide recognition among building professionals, consumers and environmental associations.

Sustainable planning


Building materials

Sustainable planning and building, setting new standards - that is what Ecobau stands for. For over 20 years, the association has been certifying building materials and components.

Information system

IBU Institut Bauen und Umwelt

EPD Declaration

The IBU is an initiative committed to the guiding principle of sustainability in construction. It is considered the leading organisation in Europe that declares building products according to EN15804.




Certiquality has been a recognised institution for over 30 years, certifying company management systems for quality, environment and safety, among other things.

Independent & credible

Blauer Engel


The "Blaue Engel" has been the German government's environmental label for over 40 years. Independent and credible, it sets demanding standards for environmentally friendly products and services.


BME Association

Trade association

The BME is considered the largest trade association for buyers, supply chain managers. Logisticians. With the BME initiative an international and cross-industry minimum standard has been created.


Sustainability management


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