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GREUTOL AG with its headquarters in Otelfingen/ZH is one of the leading system providers of external thermal insulation. The company develops and produces mortars, plasters and paints in Switzerland and sells external thermal insulation composite systems. As part of the internationally active FIXIT GRUPPE, GREUTOL AG employs around 80 people and has branches in Laupen/BE, Echandens/VD, and Eschlikon/TG.

The activities of GREUTOL AG are focused on the Swiss market. The product range includes systems for thermal insulation, adhesives and primers, finishing plasters, paints and primers for exterior and interior use, as well as products for crack repair, concrete repair and renovation of historical buildings. In addition, GREUTOL AG offers comprehensive services such as individual technical advice, construction support, development of detailed solutions, specialisation for construction projects, calculation of the U-value in terms of building physics, sampling of colour and surface structure etc.

The GREUTOL brand is represented in the following country:


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    Locations in Switzerland

    Local Contact

    Greutol AG
    Libernstrasse 28
    8112 Otelfingen
    Tel. 043 411 77 77
    Fax 043 411 77 78


    Niederlassung Eschlikon
    Hilagstrasse 24
    8360 Eschlikon
    Tel. 071 944 30 08
    Fax 071 944 30 07


    Niederlassung Bex
    Route du Grand St. Bernard
    Case postale 190
    1880 Bex
    Tel. 021 702 08 18
    Fax 021 702 08 19


    Niederlassung Laupen
    Murtenstrasse 29
    3177 Laupen
    Tel. 031 747 85 00
    Fax 031 747 98 18