Compliance - guidelines and processes

Compliance requirement

Observance of law and regulations and conduct in compliance with the rules are among the fundamental values and principles of our company. This clear commitment to compliance connects all our employees across national borders and cultures. Violations of applicable laws and regulations and/or internal rules of conduct are not tolerated in our company and are proactively prevented by means of effective measures.

Compliance reporting platform

We focus on prevention and thorough investigation of suspected compliance violations. Through effective control mechanisms and useful information/reporting channels, irregularities are minimised in a focused manner and repeated misconduct is consistently avoided. As a matter of principle, violations of legal or internal company rules and regulations must be reported through regular channels (e.g. to superiors, works council, corporate audit, etc.). If the whistleblower assumes that it cannot be ensured that the matter will be resolved or that he or she could suffer personal disadvantages as a result of the report, our compliance reporting platform is available to him or her.

Who can report compliance violations?

All employees and business partners of the FIXIT GRUPPE are requested to submit target-oriented and plausible information regarding compliance violations by disclosing their own identity. Anonymous reports will only be accepted and processed in exceptional cases.

Which infringements should be reported?

It is important that only incidents are reported which indicate a criminal offence (e.g. theft, fraud, corruption, bullying) or a systematic violation of the law, the law or internal company rules of conduct. In the event of a recognisable misuse of the compliance reporting platform (e.g. for unfounded accusations, defamation), the FIXIT GRUPPE reserves the right to take legal or disciplinary action against the whistleblower.