The ESG criteria
Environmental - Social - Governance

On the initiative of the United Nations, the ESG criteria were developed in 2006 by a group of institutional investors. The aim is to support responsible investment and to ensure the increasing importance of environmental, social and governance issues in investment practice.


  • Sustainability

    The management considers the climate factor to be an important part of the corporate strategy. The goals and projects are documented here in order to make the achievement of measurable climate goals an integral part of the overall strategy.
  • Social 

    The companies of the FIXIT GRUPPE consistently implement all applicable laws and standards for the observance of labour rights and conditions. Equal rights and the avoidance of discrimination are important factors in the human resources strategy. The proportion of women in management positions is already above the corresponding quota in the overall workforce.
  • Governance

    The group of companies has a code of ethical business conduct. This also includes effective measures for the detection and prevention of cartel violations. The code is consistently applied. Compliance with the code is permanently monitored and promoted through mechanisms in the organisational and operational structure.