Corporate Social Responsibility -
our commitment to sustainability

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is the social responsibility of companies in the sense of sustainable business. This includes social, ecological and economic aspects - in short: sustainability.

The FIXIT GRUPPE is actively committed to economically sensible and sustainable action, which


  • does not burden resources beyond their regenerative capacity,
  • has as little impact as possible on the climate and ecology,
  • preserving the health and well-being of employees, customers and suppliers.

Insofar as this is not fully possible within the scope of economically feasible efforts with today's technology, negative influences are minimised. The FIXIT GRUPPE rejects discrimination, promotes equal opportunities for all employees and supports the compatibility of family and career.

The FIXIT GRUPPE is guided by the ESG criteria as an instrument for controlling and monitoring its activities in the area of sustainability. Furthermore, it is committed to the UN Global Compact, an agreement concluded in 2000 between companies and the United Nations to make globalisation more social and ecological. This comprises ten basic principles, including human rights, discrimination, corruption and environmental awareness. More than 15,000 companies from 163 countries support this initiative.