History of the FIXIT GRUPPE

History of the FIXIT GRUPPE

from regional manufacturer to international producer of building materials.

The journey to success is paved with milestones that mark our path and symbolize our progress. From small victories to major breakthrougs, each milestone tells a story of our personal growth and development.

Milestones of success - a head start through experience.

1888 Today's RÖFIX AG starts with its first lime and brickworks.
1896 In a Swiss gypsum gypsum quarry the history of FIXIT AG begins.
1967 Start of operations for today's HASIT dry mortar GmbH in Freising.
1976 The foundation stone for KREISEL quality building materials GmbH & Co. KG is laid.
1993 Expansion into Eastern Europe with the KREISEL brand.
1997 Acquisition of FIXIT AG.
2005 KREISEL becomes a wholly-owned subsidiary of HASIT.
2006 The FIXIT GRUPPE comes into being in its present form and functions as an umbrella organisation for the brands FIXIT, HASIT, KREISEL and RÖFIX.
2008/09 The FIXIT GRUPPE expands in Eastern and Western Europe.
2011 Expansion of locations and production facilities.
2012 Opening of the location Novi Pazar in Bulgaria.
2016 RÖFIX opens new plant in Oricola, Italy.
2016 GREUTOL becomes a wholly owned subsidiary of the FIXIT GRUPPE.
2018 HASIT acquires a new plant in Bucharest, Romania.
2019 RÖFIX opens a new plant in Slivnitsa, Bulgaria.
2019 RÖFIX moves into a new company building in Partschins, Italy.
2019 FIXIT AG opens a new production plant for thermal insulation plasters in Switzerland.
2021 Laying of the foundation stone for the plant Lviv, Ukraine and opening of wet production in Fastov, Ukraine.
2022 HASIT acquires a new plant in Timisoara, Romania.

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The brands of the FIXIT GRUPPE

FIXIT, GREUTOL, HASIT, KREISEL and RÖFIX are the brands of the FIXIT GRUPPE. Learn more about the history and development of the individual companies here!