Innovation is our strength!

Innovation is our strength!

Innovation is our strength!

Innovation is our strength!

Innovation is our strength!

Innovation is our strength!

Products of the highest quality - then and now

In our central research facility, an international team of specialists works on the development and optimisation of our products. Interdisciplinary cooperation between building material technologists, mineralogists and chemists generates synergies and innovations. In this way we take into account the requirements of our customers, technical change and progress in the construction industry.

Our great strength is the interplay of the five brands in a network. It enables synergies across all regions, brands and product groups. Local presence ensures customer proximity and service performance, regional raw material concepts and optimised warehousing for efficient purchasing, modern internal infrastructure for fast decision-making processes. In this way core markets are consolidated.

Selected innovations of the FIXIT GRUPPE

Building reinforcement

Ri-Struttura earthquake mesh


Through many years of experience in the field of structural and seismic reinforcement of buildings, we have developed a range of high-quality, safe and proven technical solutions to improve the mechanical strength of existing masonry and reinforced concrete structures: RÖFIX System with Ri-Struttura.

Clever levelling compound

POR foam products


Fixit POR is a light and insulating levelling compound for levelling and filling cavities in floors. The foam mortar/concrete can be used as thermal insulation, as a filling compound or in sound insulation.

To the construction site

Aerogel thermal insulation plaster


Highly efficient, environmentally friendly, healthy indoor climate: the worldwide unique Aerogel insulation plaster sets new standards in façade insulation - inside and outside.

Products and solutions of the FIXIT GRUPPE

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Thermal insulation systems
Thermal insulation saves heating energy and guarantees a pleasant room temperature in all weathers.
They fulfil numerous functions: they have a tension and unevenness compensating effect and ensure a better adhesion of the finishing coat. The choice of the base plaster depends on the respective substrate.
Upper and finishing plasters
The upper or finishing plaster protects the facade and ensures a long-lasting beautiful appearance.
Paints and coatings
The aesthetics of a room can be effectively determined by the choice of material and its colour scheme.
Screed and floor
The quality of the floor material is decisive for the quality of a room. Acoustics, thermal regulation, impact sound and level compensation.
GaLa- and tile systems
Ceramic tile, paving and natural stone coverings are among the oldest means of design in architecture. Inside and outside, they can be used to design a wide variety of rooms. However, in addition to design aspects, tiled and paved surfaces must also meet technical, physical and economic requirements.
Bricklaying mortar
The right mortar for every brickwork - for a stable connection.
Restoration and renovation systems
Refurbishment and renovation means improving the quality of life. A variety of materials and ideas create space for exciting and stimulating living and working environments. Our ecological materials and processes ensure that health and the environment are treated with care.
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The brands of the FIXIT GRUPPE

FIXIT, GREUTOL, HASIT, KREISEL and RÖFIX are the brands of the FIXIT GRUPPE. Learn more about the history and development of the individual companies here!

Making good products even better and solving our customers' problems with new ideas - that is our claim. To achieve this, we work on site throughout Europe in interdisciplinary teams from science, application technology and quality assurance.
Bernhard Zott, Director F&E FIXIT GRUPPE