Our mission - for a sustainable future

Insulation is the key to reducing greenhouse gases in the life cycle of buildings. The products of the FIXIT GRUPPE have a high social value in the area of sustainability. The sustainability strategy provides concrete answers to the central challenges.

Current challenges

  • The availability of gravel, gypsum and sand will decrease significantly. The prices for these raw materials will rise.
  • The acceptance of greenhouse gas-intensive cement will continue to decline. Certain types of cement will become more regulated or no longer available.
  • The cost of energy (electricity and fuels) will continue to rise. Certain forms of energy use will become more regulated.
  • Public acceptance of certain packaging will decrease significantly. The demand for low greenhouse gas logistics continues to increase. Regulations in the area of mobility and logistics are increasing.
  • Regulations in the area of microplastics continue to tighten. The acceptance of products with a high plastic content is decreasing.
  • The life cycle assessment of insulation materials is becoming more important.
  • Lifespan and reusability of products or product parts are becoming more important.
  • The longer-term circularity of material flows will become more important and possibly more regulated.

Act now

  1. The FIXIT GRUPPE intensifies the use of raw materials with the lowest possible CO2 emissions.
  2. The FIXIT GRUPPE reports the CO2 footprint for its products and internal processes. This documents the constant efforts to reduce CO2.
  3. The FIXIT GRUPPE switches to lower CO2 energy sources as soon as this is commercially justifiable. This concerns internal processes in production and administration as well as logistics and general mobility.
  4. Low-CO2 products are additionally offered for as many CO2-intensive products as possible, as far as this is technically and commercially reasonable.
  5. The FIXIT GRUPPE regularly examines internal processes in order to save energy.
  6. FIXIT GRUPPE products are designed for durability to reduce the carbon footprint.
  7. FIXIT GRUPPE products and packaging are designed to optimally support recycling.




High insulating plaster

Highly efficient, environmentally friendly, healthy indoor climate: the world's unique aerogel insulating plaster sets new standards in façade insulation - inside and out.