Sustainability in practice - renaturation of gypsum quarry

Successful renaturation at the gypsum quarry in Ennetmoos/CH

Fixit AG has made a commitment to the Swiss Confederation to continuously reduce CO2 emissions as early as 2008 and to operate the quarries in a sustainable manner. An outstanding example is the successful cooperation of more than 20 years with oeko-b, which accompanies and monitors the extraction and successful recultivation of the final extraction zones of the Ennetmoos gypsum quarry.


After the end of quarrying, these zones are continuously recultivated and converted into natural zones, taking into account the fauna and flora. Careful sloping, water drainage and immediate planting of vegetation protect against the danger of erosion and slipping. In order to promote agricultural and ecological diversity, extensively farmed meadows were created in suitable places.

Shaping the future

Sustainability in the FIXIT GRUPPE

Whether mobile working, e-mobility or photovoltaics - the companies of the FIXIT GRUPPE have already launched numerous projects to achieve and optimise sustainability goals.